Flax Seed Oil 240 CAPS by Vita plus


Flax Seed Oil 240 CAPS by Vita plus

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Essential Fatty Acids (E EFA?s) are called essential because they are just that – essential to our health. The two categories of EFA?s are the Omega 3?s and Omega 6?s. Resea Research ch shows that a balance between the two is important, and some people may find that they need to supplement their diets with these two important nu nutrients. trients. Flax Seed Oil: One of the richest sou sources ces of Omega 3 EFA?s, which are vital to protecting heart, immune and cholesterol health. This plant-sou source ce oil is a great choice for those who want to avoid fish-sou source E ce EFA?s. Vita Plus? Flax Seed Oil is an essential fatty acid that is also known as an Omega 3 fatty acid. The oil is cold pressed from flax seeds. Flax seed oil is a popular addition to a joint health program because it supports the body body?s normal inflammato inflammatory response along with cardiovascular health. Most Omega 3 fatty acids come from oily fish. So if you are not a fish love lover, Vita Plus? Flax Seed Oil is an excellent= way to get this essential oil into your diet.