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Have We Discovered the Fountain of Youth?

Slowing down has at all times been considered a standard operate of rising older however with breakthrough fashionable science, we’ve been in a position to problem that typical pondering. We began with the easy concept of bettering upon the standard of life (including life to 1’s years) however with breakthrough within the subject of telomere analysis, we’ve found a lot extra!

What would you do in the event you might flip again time?

Genius Everlasting is an all-natural complement that employs revolutionary science to unlock new frontiers in human longevity. Using NMN (Beta-Nicotinamide Mononucleotide) and trademarked elements Telos95 and SerinAid, the Genius Everlasting components can assist physique and mind vitality on the most elementary stage: our DNA and cells.

Free radicals threaten our cells and their DNA day by day. These dangerous molecules not solely come from common metabolic processes but additionally publicity to air pollution, industrial chemical substances, radiation, tobacco smoke, and extra. In flip, our cells include mechanisms to restore themselves and broken DNA. This restore course of depends on many components, however two of vital significance are our telomeres and NAD (Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide).



Telomeres are protecting caps on the base of our chromosomes that assist be sure that our cells go on undamaged genetic info throughout division. Each time a cell divides, its telomeres turn out to be shorter. The shortening of telomeres correlates with declining mobile exercise, and a cell finally dies as soon as its telomeres are too quick. The physique produces telomerase enzyme to maintain our telomeres functioning correctly and to protect towards untimely shortening. Nevertheless, manufacturing of telomerase enzyme declines with age.


NAD is without doubt one of the most necessary coenzymes within the human physique. It allows almost all our enzymes to hold out mandatory chemical reactions to assist life. NAD helps our sirtuin proteins restore DNA injury and retains our mitochondria producing vitality our cells must operate. There isn’t any survival with out it. As with telomerase enzyme, our NAD manufacturing declines with age and bodily processes sluggish and turn out to be much less environment friendly over time. In response, Genius Everlasting employs Telos95 and NMN to supply assist for the physique’s pure manufacturing of telomerase enzyme and NAD. With a steady provide of telomerase, the physique can extra simply guard itself towards untimely telomere shortening. NMN is a constructing block of NAD, an necessary uncooked part that fuels upkeep for this indispensable molecule.



What about how you’re feeling as we speak? Enter SerinAid (PhosphatidylSerine), a pure nootropic ingredient that targets assist for the proteins that handle our cell membrane capabilities. By aiding with the absorption of vitamins, removing of waste, and chemical interactions between cells, SerinAid will help with quite a few bodily capabilities, together with:

· Can assist reminiscence, focus, and studying whereas aiding the mind’s resistance to age-related reminiscence decline.

· Can assist the physique’s administration of elevated cortisol ranges and stress discount.

· Can assist stamina for decreased fatigue and sooner muscle restoration in lively or athletic customers.

We got down to problem the idea that age is an insurmountable wall to dwelling your greatest life. Genius Everlasting is about unleashing the human spirit and the breakthrough science of telomeres and NAD. The key of human longevity is inside our cells and DNA; that is our Fountain of Youth.

What would you do in the event you might flip again time?

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BEST NOOTROPIC ANTI-AGING SOLUTION – Genius Everlasting combines branded SerinAid with the breakthrough science of Telos95 and NMN complement innovation. No anti-aging complement helps cognition, temper, mobile well being, and lasting vitality with pure, pure elements like Genius Everlasting.
NAD SUPPLEMENTS ARE THE FUTURE – Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide is essential to defending and sustaining almost all our enzymes and chemical processes. We can not survive with out it. Genius Everlasting offers 125mg of NMN, a direct precursor to NAD, per serving. Of NAD’s many precursors, NMN and NR (nicotinamide riboside) have superior properties for absorption and bioavailability.
REVERSE YOUR BIOLOGICAL CLOCK – Telomeres are constructions inside our cells that defend our DNA from injury. Cells with higher longevity show longer telomeres whereas weaker, dying cells have shortened telomeres. Genius Everlasting contains trademarked Telos95 to assist the physique’s telomerase enzyme and guard towards untimely telomere shortening.
SMART, CLEAN, NATURAL VITALITY – Genius Everlasting’s anti-aging elements complement vitality boosters equivalent to resveratrol dietary supplements and sources (equivalent to crimson wine) and comparable anti-inflammatory and antioxidant-rich meals. The Genius Model philosophy is tru scientific innovation meets further energy, high-quality pure elements.