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Diminishes the cause of tear stains
Fights tear stains from the inside-out
All natural ingredients
What Causes Tear Stains?
When pets have excessive tears, they often spill onto the face of the animal. This can cause irritation to the skin on the face, increasing the chance of a bacterial infection as well as cause staining. In addition, allergies and certain ingredients (specifically added colors) of dog food can cause staining. Lastly, there are organic pigments called porphyrins that cause staining on mouth and beard hair.
How Does It Work?
Through the use of all-natural ingredients, NaturVet Tear Stain supplement gets to the root of the problem of tear stains.
This product contains natural immune building ingredients and Omegas that help support the immune system’s resistance to allergens that can cause tear stains.
This product contains marshmallow root, which soothes mucosa membranes in the eye, reducing eye irritations that can cause excessive tears.
NaturVet Tear Stain also includes Oregon Grape Root, a natural plant root derived antibiotic, which helps reduce bacteria buildup. This helps diminish excess buildup of bacteria as a result of natural occurring tears.
• Cranberry Extract – Has high antioxidant qualities
• Oregon Grape Root – A natural, plant root derived antibiotic
• Vitamin C – A potent, water soluble vitamin
• Eyebright Herb Extract – An herbal compound that contains beneficial nutritional properties used to treat many eye related issues
• Marshmallow Root – Soothes mucosa membranes in the eye
• Lutein – Helps keep the eyes safe from oxidative stress
• Omega-3 & Omega-6 – Provide support to the skin to resist allergens


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