Celebrate Vitamins – Iron+C – 60mg – Chewable – Berry – 30 Tablets


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Gastric Bypass / Sleeve Gastrectomy / Duodenal Switch Description Following in the footsteps of Celebrate’s other chewable iron products, Celebrate Vitamins’ Iron +C 60 mg still offers a great tasting berry flavored supplement but with a higher level of iron. With a great taste and formulation, you simply have to try it for yourself. Iron deficiencies are one of the most common side effects of bariatric surgery and Celebrate’s chewable iron is just the thing to help prevent them. By carefully selecting the most bioavailable forms of iron and then coupling them with additional benefits, they have developed an iron that is easy on the stomach, tastes great and best of all – it works. Available in a 60 mg dosage. Taste – Without a doubt, the best tasting iron supplements available. Form – All of Celebrate’s chewable irons are formulated with ferrous fumarate which is most readily absorbed form of iron available. Vitamin C – Celebrate has added vitamin C to their formulation to create a more acidic environment and increase absorption. Staining – A potential hazard of chewing iron is that it could potentially darken teeth. But not Celebrate Iron! They have used a coated ferrous fumarate that will protect the teeth but not interfere with absorption. Directions Chew one tablet daily at midday or as directed, as a dietary supplement. Supplemental Facts