ZRT Skin Vitality Profile: 8 Hormone and Vitamin D Home Test Kit


ZRT Lab skin Vitality Test Kit

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Tests for Estradiol (E2), Estriol (E3), Progesterone (Pg), Testosterone (T), DHEA-Sulfate (DHEA-S), Cortisol (CX4), Thyroid Stimulating Hormone (TSH), Vitamin D
Results Available in Just 5-7 Business Days From Date Specimen is Received
Requires Blood Spot and Saliva Sample Collection
Includes a Detailed Report of Hormone Levels to Review with Your Doctor
No Additional Lab Fees and Pre-Paid Sample Return Shipping is Included
Due to State Law, This Test Can Not Be Shipped to NY State
*In order to receive results, please print your email address clearly in the test requisition form included in the kit.
Get the complete picture of your health by testing the levels of these hormones together. With the hormonal test conducted at once, ZRT can create hormone profile for the blood/saliva donor. This is always better than testing a single hormone level. Moreover, this process is easier and low-cost.
The tests are apt for people who want to get their hormone levels tested at home at their own convenience. Hormones work together, which is why it makes more sense to test them in a group instead of testing single hormones.
The ZRT skin vitality hormone imbalance profile tests the following hormone levels:
Estradiol (E2)
Estriol (E3)
Progesterone (Pg)
Testosterone (T)
DHEA-Sulfate (DHEA-S)
Thyroid Stimulating Hormone (TSH)
Vitamin D
Diurnal Cortisol (CX4)
Estradiol and Estriol (E2, E3): Estrogen in its various forms plays a role in maintaining skin moisture, and thickness. Reduced availability of estrogens affects skin health in a number of ways, including: wrinkling, dryness, skin thinning, slower wound healing, and loss of elasticity.
High estrogen levels can also be problematic. Melasma is a dark discoloration of the skin that is associated with female hormone activity and exacerbated by exposure to sunlight.
Progesterone: Progesterone has been found to improve skin thickness and elasticity. Low progesterone levels are thought to increase the impact of androgens on sebaceous glands and body and head hair. This is because progesterone reduces 5-alpha reductase activity, which converts testosterone to its active metabolite dihydrotestosterone (DHT).
Testosterone ad DHEA-S: Low testosterone in both women and men is associated with thinning skin and impaired wound healing. In women, low testosterone and DHEA-S are associated with increasing age, but particularly low testosterone is found in women who have had a surgical menopause (removal of the ovaries) and this has an impact on overall health and vitality. DHEA-S is a precursor to testosterone and estradiol, so low levels of DHEA-S affect the availability of these hormones to carry out their functions.
Diurnal Cortisol: The diurnal cortisol test is a good indicator of adrenal function and exposure to stressors. Stress is known to affect the skin, causing acne breakouts and rashes, and it can exacerbate immune disorders such as psoriasis.
Thyroid Stimulating Hormone: Thyroid stimulating hormone (TSH) testing can indicate the presence of a thyroid disorder that may be contributing to skin problems.
Vitamin D: Adequate vitamin D is essential for proper immune system function. A compromised immune system can exacerbate skin disorders, and is linked to such conditions as psoriasis, acne, and slow wound healing.
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